UKO-Boxing are Press and PR specialists.

We offer a PR service tailored to ensure maximum exposure of upcoming boxing shows and fighters.

Based in the West Midlands, we offer professional media-friendly approach to boxing promotion. From media liaison to writing press releases, creating unique media opportunities to social media interaction; our boxing PR packs a real punch.

Radio to television, newspapers to online media; we've got it covered. Bespoke Boxing PR for £hundreds, not £thousands. Knock out

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UKO Boxing: @Leedskin1973 agree. @ExpressandStar have @CraigBirch_Star to thank. Works very hard & is very passionate. Star lucky to have him #grafter - 20 hours ago
UKO Boxing @UKOBoxing
UKO Boxing: RT @Leedskin1973: Massive thanks to @ExpressandStar for interviewing and supporting talented fighters like @BWilkes8, Rob Hunt & @pearce_s … - 20 hours ago
UKO Boxing @UKOBoxing
UKO Boxing: RT @CraigBirch_Star: Useful win on the road for @BWilkes8 - violence halts @gelderj's bout away from home #boxing ht… - 20 hours ago
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UKO Boxing: RT @Paul_FCBoxing: Going to see @LukePaddock1 at @WFCOfficial 2moro night ahead of his September title fight #boxing - 21 hours ago